Lesson Membership

Each of staff is now offering a lesson membership! This is a great way to get lessons at a discounted rate and locked in month after month. This is also a great way to get consistent work in at a 1 on 1 lesson. These lessons can be used for whichever skill you son or daughter would like to work on. These lessons will be a hour long each one. No half an hour sessions available for this membership.






Lesson Membership Plans:


4- 1 Hour Lessons/ Month- $280, Total $840

8- 1 Hour Lessons/ Month- $520, Total $1560

Edge Baseball Cancellation Policy

Edge Baseball Academy has implemented a new policy in regard to the cancellation of private/ group baseball lessons. This policy, effective April 13, 2022, will apply to both our customers and to Edge Baseball staff.

This new policy will be a structured way for Edge Baseball and our customers to control the cancellation of lessons while still allowing for unexpected events and sickness. Please read the below information about the changes in our program's cancellation policy.

 24 Hour Notice

The policy states that any scheduled lesson may be canceled without penalty if done so at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time by the client or the instructor. 

Less Than 24 Hour Notice

Clients will be allowed two (2) short- notice cancellations without penalty within a one year period. After that you will be automatically charged for the lesson. If Edge Baseball Academy staff makes a scheduling error or calls to cancel a lesson within 24 hours of the scheduled time this will count against that instructor. Edge Baseball staff is also allowed two (2) scheduling errors/ last minute cancellations within one year period. Any cancellations/ scheduling errors after this will result in a lesson credit to your account.

 No Show Policy

Any lesson that you do not show up for without contacting the instructor prior to the lesson time will automatically be charged as a lesson.