Private Lessons

Baseball Private Sessions

In our private training sessions, we first meet with the client and or parents to assess needs and goals. From our assessment we formulate a full action plan on how to achieve the most success possible for the athlete. Private sessions can focus on pitching, defense and hitting or a combination of all three! Private training can truly enhance the players ability and maximize their potential!

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  • Cost: 30 Minute Sessions- $40
  • 10 30 Minute Sessions $350
  • 60 Minute Sessions $80
  • 10 - 60 Minute Sessions $700

We offer many different time options and payment options. We can provide 30 minute or 60-minute sessions that are based on your needs. You can purchase single sessions or as prepaid package deals. Based on your goals and ambitions we can help direct you in what works best for you and helps you get the best results!


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