Training Philosophy

The training philosophy with Edge Baseball relies on these basic principles. 

  • Teach fundamentals first.
    Teaching the game of baseball at the young ages is based on repetitions and technique. Our staff focuses on development and playing the game the right way, with pride and intensity! 
  • All training is done in a progressive form- easy to hard / simple to complex / on the ground to on your feet.
    The end result is not the goal- we want drills and mechanics done correctly for long term success and development! 
  • All of our sessions are designed with player development in mind.
    Our staff takes each player where they are work to enhance areas of strength and develop areas that need developing 
  • Every workout will combine previous knowledge of our coaches
  • Lastly, we believe baseball should be intense, challenging and fun.

When an athlete walks away from their practice session, they will feel confident that their hard work will ensure their success. They will improve after every session.

Edge BASEBALL Batting Cages Photo 1 
Edge BASEBALL Batting Cages Photo 3